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We had a very similar experience.Our rings did not fit.

What is neglected to be mentioned on the website, is that since the rings are so wide, the sizing is different from standard rings. We didn't find that out until we went to our 3rd jeweler, so it's definitely NOT common knowledge, and I think that should ABSOLUTELY be mentioned on the site! So, they wanted to charge 1/2 the original sales price to get different sizes which in our case would have been $500+ which is obscene! The phone number on the site is an answering service that can not answer a single question- why they don't just have voice mail is beyond me.

Don't buy from this company!

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Wood Rings - Horrible customer service - wood-rings.com

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Buyer Beware of this company. Wood-rings.com is one of the worst companies I have ever dealt with. We ordered a size 8 1/2 ring. When the ring arrived it did not fit. We contacted wood-rings.com and they said we could pay $150 to exchange the ring...what???

We decided to take the ring to a local jewler, who put in on the ring sizer and stated..."This is a size 8, what size did you need?" So we didn't order the wrong size, wood-rings.com sent us the wrong size. Upon leaving the jeweler, we contacted wood-rings.com. They wanted us to go to a jeweler and take a picture of the ring on a ring-sizer...what??? I told him I was just there, and it would be a waste of my time to go back and get a photo...he would know the size when he received it. He asked us to email him and he would send us steps to return it - then he would let us know the next steps.

When we received the email he asked us to get a photo on a ring-sizer. So I went to a different jeweler, they put in on a ring sizer...stated this is a size 8, what size did you need? Well not an 8 when I ordered an 8 1/2. I took the photo and sent it to wood-rings.com. He emails back indicated that he sizes rings different, and we have an 8 1/2. How can he size rings differently than any other jeweler?

I can't believe that this company is still in business...the first rule in staying in business is great customer service. Everyone stay clear of wood-rings.com...they are the worst. The ring quality isn't even that great.

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Wood Rings - Poor quality merchandise from www.wood-rings.com

Sydney, New South Wales 1 comment

I recently ordered a rather expensive custom made wood and silver ring from www.wood-rings.com.After paying for the ridiculously expensive shipping (I was charged postage of US$40 which actually cost CAD$8.48) I received my order.

The ring started falling apart within hours of wearing it. Repeated attempts to contact the company failed and I had to complain through Paypal to get a response from the seller. The seller was not interested in discussing repair / warranty options and then continued ignoring me. So I am left with crumbling ring that cannot be worn.

Some online searching showed other customers with the same problem.AVOID BUYING FROM THIS COMPANY!


buyer beware1

This company has horrible customer service...can't see them surviving for long

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